What is Trichotillomania ? or (TTM/Trich)

Have you ever pulled your own hair out ? This can often be associated with an impulse control disorder called Trichotillomania or Trich for short. This OCD condition can occur in both men and women and can result in hair around the scalp area being pulled out from the root resulting in hair loss and bald patches. Trichotillomania can be triggered by many things like anxiety, stress or depression and can begin in children or teenagers. There are other areas of the body that can also be affected like eyelashes and body hair.

A New Beginning For Trichotillomania Treatment.

Hairspray are one of Ireland's leading companies that apply non surgical hair replacement. Every week our hair loss salon applies aesthetic hair loss solutions for both men and women across Ireland. Our head hair loss technician Dolores Mackenzie explains ” Over the last five years I have seen hundreds of clients with Trich visit our hair replacement clinic. The method I apply is our revolutionary volumizer netting system. This volumiser method has proven time and time again to work with my Trich clients as it cover the entire scalp area which avoids any compulsions to pull hair out. While we are not offering a cure or stop for hair loss, the finished results is fabulous natural looking hair again which gives my clients their confidence back”.

Disorder Hair Pulling Groups.

There are many help and support groups for causes of Trichotillomania in Ireland. If you require info on any hair pulling disease or ocd hair pulling please visit OCD Ireland. http://www.ocdireland.org

Hairspray Hair Replacement Clinic as seen on TV

Hairspray have featured on many TV programmes like Xpose and RTE nationwide (capital D in April).

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